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Shoreline Protection

Shoreline Protection

Erosion due to waves and ice can have a detrimental effect on your shoreline. This has been especially true the last few years given the high water levels we have seen in our lakes. Installing shoreline protection is one way to help protect your property from this erosion. We install a variety of stone sizes, from small 6" fieldstone up to large 2-3' boulders, depending on the location and power of the wave action. Projects that include working in or near the water typically need permits from several governmental agencies such as the Army Corp of Engineers and Michigan EGLE. We handle the creation and submittal of the necessary maps and drawings and obtain the needed permits on our customers behalf.

Computer used to submit online application for Michigan shoreline permit

Permit Applications

We obtain the necessary permits needed to work in or near the lakeshore

Fieldstone and erosion fabric installed along shoreline on Burt Lake

Shoreline Protection

Installation of the proper shoreline protection can help reduce damage from wave and ice action

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