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Fire Pits & Outdoor Features

Fire Pits & Outdoor Features

For many of our customers, sitting by a warm fire enjoying a view of the lake is the the perfect way to end a summer day. Fire pits and other special outdoor features are some of our most popular requests. Fire pits can be constructed in a variety of ways, allowing you to choose a style that is safe, convenient and enjoyable for your family.

Unilock paver fire pit with perennials and landscape lighting along Mullett Lake

Paver Ring

Pavers can be stacked to create a simple fire pit that perfectly complements a paver seating area

Custom built bluestone patio with flagstone fire pit at Walloon Lake cottage

Stacked Flagstone

For a more casual or rustic look, pieces of flagstone can be stacked to any height to create a fire ring

Bluestone patio with custom engraved metal fire pit ring

Custom Metal Ring

For a truly unique look, custom cut or engraved metal rings can be used to match your style


Fire Pit Kit

Paver manufacturers also have kits that offer a custom looking fire pit with pre-assembled components

Bluestone patio wth inset fieldstone fire pit and boulder retaining at Long Lake cottage

Inset Fieldstone

Using inset fieldstone to delineate a fire pit can perfectly complement other boulders used in the design


Masonry - Gas Insert

For the ultimate in convenience, a custom masonry fire pit can be built around a gas insert

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